Once upon a time in 1908 a gentleman named Henry Ford blazed the trail for the automotive industry. One of those first cars was called the Model T, nicknamed the “Flivver”. The Flivver was thought of as an inexpensive automobile.

Henry Ford actually set up a shop and a whole community of people in our hometown with the help of one of his car dealers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mr. E.G. Kingsford. Our small town was then founded and given the name Kingsford, Michigan, with the Flivver car being the town mascot, and the local school was known as the Kingsford Flivvers. It’s still that way today!

It is now the year 2023, and the days of gas engines are no longer a new concept, we are “going electric”! We believe seeing a golf cart in the driveway is going to be more and more common. People will begin to use their LSV’s (low speed vehicles) also known as golf carts, to take their kids to school, to go shopping, for daily work, or anything you may use a second vehicle for.

So naturally when we embarked on our new adventure, realizing from our years of experience in this space, the value we can add to it, we needed a name for our LSV. Given our hometown history and the definition of its original name, Mr. Henry Ford’s, Model T’s nickname has been born again!

Flivver, coming soon to a driveway near you!

  • Mission 1

    To build a golf cart that is sourced completely in the United States. Being in this industry, we see that many of the imported players entering this market are “here today and gone tomorrow”. Time and time again, we see carts that are a couple years old that are literally discarded because there is no availability of parts to fix them. Another issue is with repairs of carts & how often companies are waiting on imported parts. During the pandemic this was an especially huge problem but still continues to be an ongoing issue with current manufacturers . The most common golf cart sales for companies today, is to import them into the U.S. in  wooden crates and simply assemble them in the U.S. and label them “Made in the USA”.

  • Mission 2

    Our cart will also be very simple to maintain. This is another problem we see in the industry, carts that are so complicated that they need to go to a specific dealer to diagnose them and to fix them! We will build a top-quality cart with top quality materials, that anyone with basic golf cart knowledge will be able to diagnose and fix, regardless of the name on their store. We desire to be known as the brand that is “so easy to work on”.

  • Mission 3

    Most importantly , our mission is simple. To  provide an exceptional product and to lead the industry  in customer service, because let's face it, we need each other!