We may not change the world of imports by manufacturing locally, but we do support many quality local businesses and families!

Financing Available

New vehicles available for as low as $350 a month, with no money down! (On approved credit, a 650 score or better is needed)

 Ph: (480)229-3400

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Featured Cart: Flivver SL2

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Is your cart really built in the US?

Absolutely! We build  from scratch , just like grandma making cookies. 

Do I need to return to your dealership for service?

You are more than welcome to, but this cart  can be worked on by anyone with  basic golf cart knowledge.

Why lithium batteries?

They are a no worry system, with a long warranty! For year round users, there is no maintenance required, no checking water levels, no cleaning corrosion . For seasonal users, simply turn it off when you leave, and  turn it back on when you return. 

Do I need insurance or registration on my cart?

Each State regulates insurance & licensing, please be sure to check your local state specifications. If you are going to be using it on the streets, you need to have the same insurance you have on your car, on your cart. The good news is it is much cheaper! If you are a community cruiser, you can add it to your home owners in most cases, for very little money.

In Arizona , if you ride on the streets , it needs to be registered with the MVD. If you do not plan to ride the streets, it is still in your best interest to transfer the paperwork we provide you, into your name. We will help with all of the above!